Diversity Through Engineering

ICI believes that technology can build a better tomorrow when safely and securely applied. 

We engineer and secure industrial automation and control systems that critical infrastructure in municipal and industrial operations depend on. Bringing peace of mind in tough environments where downtime is not an option.

We combine Industrial Cybersecurity practices with Engineering workflows. Our solutions consider risk management from the ground up to develop and modernize industrial systems that are secure by design and meet clearly defined levels of risk tolerance over their long lifespan. 

Our exceptional diversified team operates in a culture of continuous improvement which emphasizes sharing knowledge, taking into consideration individual goals for project completion and how we can best support those goals to. 

Core values

ICI’s passion for engineering has led to the establishment of our niche, “Engineering and Securing Industrial Automation and Control Systems”. Our team and projects are built upon 5 core values: 

  • Ask Any Question
  • Always Positive
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Make Life Better
  • Support Each Other

Interested in working with ICI?

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