Diversity Through Engineering

It is ICI Electrical Engineering’s mission to secure Critical Infrastructure and enrich communities through the safe application of technology.

ICI is an established cyber-physical engineering company with solutions deployed across Canada. Over the past 25 years, we have pursued our passion and established a foothold in Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology Cybersecurity.

ICI Electrical Engineering helps organizations defend their operating environments by building resiliency and providing visibility into Operational Technology. We aim to identify and mitigate the potential impact from cybersecurity incidents. ICI believes that technology can build a better tomorrow when safely and securely applied. We engineer and secure industrial automation and control systems that critical infrastructure in municipal and industrial operations depend on.

Core values

Our team and projects are built upon 5 core values: 

  • Ask Any Question
  • Always Positive
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Make Life Better
  • Support Each Other

What is Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

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